Prices vary from website to website, and is linked to the number of templates and the complexity of the accessibility customization.

To receive a price quote for your website, please contact us by this form and include the link to your website, and we will send you a price quote within 7 business days.

Timeframes vary according to the size and complexity of the website, and can be anywhere from a week to several months.

Along with your price quote, you will also receive an estimated time frame.

Yes. Once we’ve completed the final accessibility audit, and have determined that your website is up to standard, you will receive an Accessibility Online certificate stating that your website is accessible on an AA grade and complies with the accessibility laws.

This certificate is valid for the website that was audited by the Accessibility Online team. It does not, however,  cover any changes and modifications made to the website following said audit.


If you don’t know whether your website is accessible or not – most chances are that it has not been fully adapted to the accessibility codes and laws. Please note that even if accessibility features were embedded at the time the website was built, due to expansions, additions and other changes that occur on websites over time – your site may no longer be 100% accessible, and may require an accessibility audit and update.

We offer accessibility assessments free of charge.

All you have to do is send us the link to your website via this form and we will assess whether it is up to accessibility standard.  


You can write to us through our Contact Us page.

It is important to know that when served with an accessibility lawsuit – the law gives you a month in which to address and fix all accessibility issues on your website.

Therefore, to swiftly and effectively deal with such a claim, it is important to contact us as soon as possible, so that we may conduct a thorough audit of your website, bring it up to accessibility standard and thus allow you to have the lawsuit dismissed.

Please note that not all accessibility claims are filed by users – nowadays there are law firms and individuals, which in a bid to make a profit, systematically seek out websites that are non-compliant with the accessibility laws and file lawsuits against them!


In this case, we offer the following solutions:

  1. The Accessibility Online team will audit and customize your website to clear all accessibility shortcomings.
  2. If you’d rather deal with the issue in-house, you may send us the report and our team will guide your own developers, step by step, on how to treat all accessibility issues, through the website’s code.